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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

R.I.P. our brother Freddy Swart

Today our brother Freddy Swart passed away, taken by a cruel, debilitating medical condition which weakened him over the years since I have known him. He took it all in his stride and carried on with his life as well as he could and had a biker sense of humour 'till the end.
On the 2010 Polar Bear run (centre). I met him before this, he was on the 2009 run but unfortunately he was not in any of my photos on that one.
Fooling around at the bonfire, always ready for a laugh and like me a great fan of AC/DC music.
His number was drawn for the Polar Bear ride, up and down the road in the early morning in jocks and boots, he had no problem, game for anything.
For the 2011 Polar Bear run he had a green "Mohawk".

and he won the "Character of the run" floating trophy, he had also won this trophy at the 2009 run.
Me, Freddy and Frank on the 2012 Polar Bear run, by then he could no longer speak but he could still party and he did.
This was the last time I was to see Freddy, at the "Alles wat Mal is" jol at Vlakvarkgat, a party of note held in his honour and man did he party! Especially when the DJ played anything by AC/DC.
And he got lots of love from his brothers and his sisters. The Western Cape biking fraternity has lost a true brother and we offer condolences to his wife and family.
A biker 'till the end. We're all going to miss you my brother, especially now that the sixth Polar Bear run is being held this coming weekend and you would have ridden with us if you could have. We will dedicate this run to your memory - ride on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,
That is very sad to hear about Freddy - he was a real live wire at the Polar Bear in 2010, and good fun to be around - my thoughts are with you all

the rider said...

Yes Dick we're going to miss him, his funeral is tomorrow in Velddrif.

Iola said...

This is gorgeous!