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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Stormy dayjol - we gather for a good cause

With the biggest storm forecast to hit the western cape in ages, a fundraiser day jol had been advertised for Saturday at the nearby "Vlakvarkgat" resort. Bikers I spoke to confirmed that they were going to attend but that they would likely be going in bakkies (utes or pick-ups) and leaving the bikes at home, I agreed that this was a good idea, it's all very well getting caught in rain when you're out on the road but to cold-bloodedly leave home in the rain when the venue is only twenty kilometers away takes some doing!
I've been riding motorbikes since the mid 60's, man I've got the tee shirt! I drove my bakkie around to "Vlakkies" in the rain and when I got there I parked in amongst plenty of other cars and bakkies already lined up in the parking area.
There were some guys on bikes and they deserved respect! (Not many)
The weather was seriously bad, cold and windy with rain squalls coming through.  There was plenty of shelter at Vlakkies with an awning providing extra protection and a huge tree trunk fire helping to keep the cold at bay,
not even the frequent showers could put that fire out which I'm sure would burn for a month!
I arrived at about 14h00 and already the place was pumping, I was pleased to see that in spite of the miserable weather there was plenty of support.
Freddie was one of the beneficiaries of the dayjol, he has motor neuron disease and can no longer speak or  swallow food but he has still got an amazing spirit,
he has a tube connected to his stomach for nutrition and he had the tattoo done, what a character!
The music was great, the DJ kept the rock going and as long as AC/DC played then Freddie was nearby and throughout the afternoon Freddie got lots of love.
What can you say about a picture like this?! Bikers - my people.
The DJ kept the muzak going and the place was rockin' and while Freddie danced Joe played the air guitar like a pro.,
The rain came and went in squalls, while it rained the people gathered under the veranda and during the breaks they congregated around the fire and all seemed to be having a good time,
It was a well organised jol and many old friends were there;
Joe and Frank, my old biker buddy Frank is always at these jols and is usually the last to leave.
Daan and Beverley - I love this photo, as I was taking it I was holding a glass of whisky in my left hand and Bev noticed that I was tipping the whisky over my jacket while trying to manipulate the camera so she reached forward to help me save my whisky.
During one of the sunny spells they held a slow race but it didn't take long because there weren't very many bikes - there didn't seem much point in holding a slow race for bakkies!
Joe's son Llewellen won the slow race,
What a nice young man this guy is, he handles a bike with confidence and skill and he is already a real biker.
All in all the day was a success and in spite of the terrible weather the turn out was great, sadly the Gypsy Jokers were not represented even though their local dayjols are well supported by all who were there at this one.
 The two best represented clubs would have been the "Meeulanders" with their President "Div" (right) and the "Kreefsmokelaars" and their President Jean both of whom had many members there.
I left in the late afternoon, I left Frank there who said that he was also leaving soon, the party raged on and I hope that the revellers were staying over, Frank sent me a text at 23h40 to say that he was home safe which I only got the next morning!
The road was slick and wet, the wind was blowing strong and I had the music turned up loud as I drove home, I'm a biker to the bone but sometimes I'm happy in a cage! You won't hear me saying that too often I promise!


Anonymous said...

No support from the West Coast Jokes ? Not cool !

the rider said...

It may have been the weather, it was pretty miserable but the Gypsey Jokers should have been represented hey?

KatW said...

I feel that the jokers have had support from the other local clubs in the past and that the West Coast joker chapter at least should reciprocate.

the rider said...

It seems to be a bit of a "bone of contention", Frank says he's going to bring it up with local President Eduardo - I'll just give it a mention too,