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Saturday, September 29, 2012

National Braai Day

Nothing much has been happening for us on the biking scene at the moment, we're waiting in eager anticipation for the onset of the summer weather. Granted there have been good sunny days but they have been few and far between and I am feeling the need to get out on a good long ride.
There is a rally scheduled for the end of October in Worcester which Frank and I have decided to attend, for some reason the last rally I attended was the Buffalo Rally in March 2011, way too long ago so I'm looking forward to that one.
This past weekend was a nice long one, Monday 24th was a public holiday; Heritage Day or as it has become better known; National Braai Day thanks to the good Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. The "Arch" as he is affectionately known is a great fan of a braai and encouraged South Africans to gather around the braai grid on Monday, most of us needed no further encouragement and braai smoke darkened the skies for pretty much the whole weekend, no less at our humble abode.
Sunday a group of good friends and family congregated chez-nous for lunch which was de-boned leg of lamb on the braai;
Carefully deboned, marinated in Olive oil, Aromat, Rosemary, sliced fresh garlic and ground black pepper for a couple of hours and then placed over good hot coals.

They took a while to cook but we kept our guests busy with fresh oysters and steamed mussels and when the meat was crispy on the outside but still medium rare inside I took it off and sliced it into a roasting pan where it was allowed to rest.
The spread clockwise from bottom left; lovely soft, sweet avocados from the Eastern Cape, salad items, a pot of delicious gravy, sadza fingers fried in egg and bread crumbs,  bottom right; Janet's famous Creamy Aromat potato dish and in the centre the sliced lamb leg. Our friends enjoyed it and so did we.
Tuesday evening it was an occasion for a potjie with Sadza as Mike and Loretta were heading back to the Eastern Cape the next day, Beef shin with marrow bones.
The trick is to make the Sadza (Miellie-meal porridge) stiff enough so that when it is rolled in the hand it doesn't stick, it is then dipped into the gravy and if you're adept at it you also try to grip a small piece of meat at the same time with your thumb.
Us ex-Rhodesians will stand around the pot eating sadza dipped in the gravy for a good while before we actually dish up a plate.
Beef shin pot with Sadza.

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