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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Polar Bear run 2012 - part two

I can pretty much let the photos tell the story, the party raged through the night - here's Kobus, Jean and Freddy.
Jean, the El Presidente of the Kreefsmokkelaars, had a number plate made especially for the run!
In the meantime the unmistakeable aroma of lamb on the spit wafted through the garden area, enough to bring the guys outside every now and then to check on progress.
Des presented Jeanette, the owner of the hotel with the Polar Bear supporters certificate to hang in the bar, after which she assisted him with the draw.
Wian of the Kreefs club was the lucky (?) winner of one of the Polar Bear prizes and had to sit for ten minutes with his feet in ice water, a glass of ice in each hand and a bag of ice on his head - he won a meal for two at a local restaurant, I just hope the meal is good!
The next lucky name drawn was Kobus who had to swim a length of the pool in order to claim his prize, man I'm glad that I haven't been lucky at any of these runs so far!
That water must have been bloody cold, this was late at night!
Dave won the coveted "Character of the Polar Bear run award" for his indomitable spirit, his successful cheese and wine party and not least for his bottle balancing act!
The pub started filling up with local young people in the later part of the evening, this was alright apart from the fact that they play the most awful music, there was a juke-box and a big screen and when we could get a gap we filled it up with AC/DC music, which they all enjoyed anyway!
Freddy and Kobus were moved to take off their shirts and boogy as "Highway to hell" boomed through the speakers.
Meanwhile Frank was up to his old tricks; bothering the pretty young girls.
Then, like a breath of fresh air, Mandy from CEX Riders arrived, (CEX is the number plate prefix for Porterville) or maybe she was more like a hurricane, a real biker chick she soon won over all the bikers,
including Wian whom she managed to beat in arm wrestling, I have her email address and will contact her for an interview, a very interesting lady to talk to.
Most of the guys retired fairly early, just a few of the die-hards partied through until the early hours, I cannot remember what time I went to bed but it was somewhere around 03h00. I shared a room with Dave and he said I reminded him of the sawmills at Lupane with my snoring - I don't believe him, I didn't hear a thing!
Des woke us up by turning the light on at 08h00 - "Hey come take photos of Nicky doing the Polar Bear ride." "Fuck off Des!" I turned over and pulled the blankets over my head. The Polar Bear ride is another of the challenges to win a meal at a restaurant and involves the "lucky winner" having to ride up the main street and back in patch vest, jocks and boots in the early morning. Hopefully someone will send me some photos.
Some of the guys were already up when I stumbled over to the dining room, I felt a hell of a lot better after a hearty breakfast - no sign of Frank by the time I was ready to go at 10h00. I was glad that it was only 140 or so kilometres to Saldanha and not a long ride like it has been on the previous runs.
I thoroughly enjoyed my ride home and I was back in time to join the ladies at lunch time. Des phoned me later to say that he got a phone call from Jeanette at the hotel; "You left something in one of the rooms." - Des; "Oh yes, what was that?" - Jeanette; "A biker!" Apparently they only managed to get Frank up out of bed at midday! They didn't know the magic words that you have to use if you want to get rid of Frank!
What a weekend! Another very successful Polar Bear run thanks to Des and the great bunch of guys, true biker brothers one and all.

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