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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oxtail pot and lunch at Chappie's

We had a very good time last weekend, we went down to our friend Janet's house in Hout Bay to do an oxtail potjie for a bunch of friends. We drove down in the bakkie because I took my pot and my gas cooker which would have been very difficult to carry on the bike! Generally the weather was good although we did pass through some rain over "Suikerbossie"
Here the meat has been browned and I was frying the mixture of onions, green peppers and celery before putting the meat back in with some fresh garlic cloves.
Then it was time to add the special ingredient before letting the pot simmer for five hours. It was a very festive evening with a great bunch of people and they seemed to enjoy my pot.
Cleaning up the next morning was easy because Janet has an automatic pot cleaner which we put to good use, after a relaxed morning we had Peri-Peri Chicken at the Chapman's Peak Hotel before heading home.
The "Chappie's" veranda is a very picturesque place to have lunch, overlooking the bay and right next to the road which heads up over the iconic Chapman's Peak drive, there is a constant procession of motorbikes roaring past and also loads of beautiful South African girls arriving for lunch! Oh yes and the chicken was excellent!
During the past week we have had the first of our serious winter storms, Thursday and Friday were absolutely miserable! Today the sky has cleared and we may be in for a good weekend, tomorrow we want to ride down to the Viper Lounge in Capetown for a "McFlash" MacFadden supporters jol organised by the Superwheels SA Magazine team. No point in arriving for something like that in a bakkie!
I also need to plan the route for the Polar Bear run which is taking place at the end of July so I intend to ride that tomorrow afternoon, I'm thinking of organising breakfast in Philadelphia and then a loop through Malmesbury ending up at Porterville in the late afternoon with the cheese and wine stop somewhere in between, it's all good isn't it?
Just as a matter of interest and seeing as how it's Father's day on Sunday I bought myself this "Kershaw" folding knife, every man needs to carry a knife in his pocket for cutting biltong etc., and seeing as how my last one, a "Leatherman" multi-tool got stolen at work I decided that I needed another one - R800 at the Xtreme store which I thought was pretty good.
Stay safe and if you pass a vehicle with a "Think Bike" sticker give them a thumbs-up because they have our interests at heart.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for an superb oxtail potjie and lovely weekend. Think I may just give your next potjie a miss though!!
See you and Jan at Viper Lounge.
Jan (dh)

the rider said...

Hi Jan, don't worry after Jemma's help with the heavy work I did wash the pot out properly!