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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Capetown's number ONE!

I read an AOL newsclip by Ruth Doherty that Tripadvisor has announced that our own "Mothercity", our beautiful Capetown has been voted the best holiday destination in the world!

One of my Canadian friends, Jeremy forwarded me the link; http://aol.it/y79RgC where you can check it out for yourself. Apparently we, and I say we because Capetown is only about 140kms away from where I live, pushed Sydney into second place, Machu Picchu came third, Paris fourth and Rio came fifth.
This is great news, look it is a beautiful City with a great deal to offer as far as holiday makers are concerned so I am not surprised by this at all. Come see for yourself!
We spend quite a lot of time in and around Capetown either staying over with our friends who live in various suburbs around the city or just "in and out" on a day trip.
Well done Capetown!

Dragon Lords Mcc Matric Drive and Sleepover;
And now for something completely different; well actually it is taking place in Capetown; on Saturday 21st July the Dragon Lords, a Capetown motorcycle club are hosting a "Matric drive and sleepover" at the Daytona Palms, Daytona Road, Killarney Gardens.
Remember how I was saying what good people bikers are? Well this club will be collecting Matric dresses and outfits for underprivileged school children who otherwise would not have been able to have an enjoyable matric dance.
How many people have got their daughter's Matric dress still hanging in the cupboard even though she left home many years ago and now has kids of her own? We do and we will be taking that dress, and hopefully a couple of others with us to the jol.
One of my Capetown biker friends Nancy recently announced on her Facebook page that she has so far managed to collect six dresses, Man I love bikers!
I haven't been to the Daytona Palms yet but apparently there is enough space for tents because many of the bikers made it known that they intend to party and don't want to ride afterwards, there will be live music and stalls and the musicians amongst you have been urged to take your musical instruments along because there will be jamming sessions. It sounds like it's going to be a jol of note, I may have to leave my bike there and take a taxi back to Linda's house!
How's that for a bit of really good news to end off with?

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