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Friday, June 22, 2012

Advertise in Superwheels SA Magazine

The time for the launch of Superwheels SA Magazine is drawing nearer! Although I am only involved as far as submitting an article once a month is concerned, I cannot help but be caught up in the excitement, I am really hoping that this mag is accepted not only by the biking fraternity but also by the dealers and service providers who are needed for the vital advertising.
 Now there is a competition being run where those that advertise in the inaugural issue will be placed in a draw to win their advert free of charge in the September issue! What a bargain.
At the moment, as I said before this magazine is only being issued in the Western Cape, so this is only for the attention of my Western Cape readers - so pay attention both of you!
If you know of anyone, dealer, mechanic, service provider or club president - in fact anyone who has anything to do with our prefered lifestyle, direct their attention to this advertisement; Let's make it happen people!
What I would really like  is that you email me; oddsandsods@telkomsa.net  (cc info@superwheelssa.co.za) with your favourite rides, breakfast run venues and general favourite spots so that I can visit them and write them up in forthcoming issues, you will receive credit for the suggestions and maybe we can visit the place together. It could be a total jol!
Give it some thought brothers and sisters, we bikers can make it happen and we could soon have our own free biker magazine.

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