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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Local toy Run

Two weeks ago I attended the IMOC Toy run in Capetown and here we were buying toys again for the local toy run organised by the Meeulanders MCC, it coincides with the "Wheels on the West Coast" show at the "Wes-kus school" and is usually an interesting place for us petrolheads.
We met up with Frank and Danny at the Spur restaurant in the Mall for a light meal and then joined the steadily growing crowd of bikers in the car park.
We were a bit early but the crowd slowly grew as more and more riders arrived from the different local clubs, some bikes festooned with toys;
A club you will always find well represented, especially at events such as this one; the CMA.
Soon it was time to go, kick stands up and we headed out of the car park, about fifty bikes tried to keep a nice tight formation for the short ride down to Saldanha.
It is about ten kilometres from the Mall to the school and I think we made a pretty impressive looking convoy.
We all parked up in the show ground area and immediately people gathered round to admire our machinery,
We deposited our toys into Craig and Monica's van and went off in search of beer.
A relatively small group of bikers but a lovely big pile of toys for underprivileged local children.
Braai lamb chops for sale.
Immaculate 1949 Mercury.
They don't make 'em like this any more, more's the pity!
There were the usual trade stalls, here Steven buys himself a cowboy hat.
Lots of food and drink stalls, it was a hot day so they did a good business. We spent a couple of hours there and soon it was time to go.
Willie on his 1300BMW
As usual the last two to leave a party! We rode through to the Rooikrans pub in Vredenburg for an ABF and found most of the mob had had the same idea!
A pleasant day, a good cause and a great bunch of people - what more could anyone want?

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