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Monday, June 13, 2011

Mussel farming and a Chopper

I haven't had an opportunity to ride my motorbike for a couple of weeks now, and I feel terrible! It's winter but we still have wonderful calm days in amongst the bad ones but various things apart from the weather have been conspiring against me.
Friday was one of those days, beautiful and calm, the rain that we had experienced earlier in the week was gone and the weekend promised to be a good one, the only thing was we were going to Linda's for a braai and a get together with some old friends and I wanted to take mussels and oysters for everyone, no good on the bike so it was a trip in the bakkie - damn!
At the moment sunrise is just before 08h00 and we get out there by 07h00 so we have a while in the cold before the sun starts to warm us up, that is the Pilot vessel heading back in through the early morning gold.
A bit later the "Mussel Cat" comes back alongside the barge after harvesting at another raft, by then the sun was starting to do its work.
It's lovely when the bay is like a mill pond, we can get on with our work - in winter it's not often this calm.
I keep forgetting the cream crackers! This one is a perfect size for a morning snack. Just kidding, I throw them back to grow a bit more, we may need them.
I had my usual afternoon at the Phoenix Bar but things have not been going my way lately; virtually everyone has been beating me at pool lately (even Joe beat me in Capetown!) and Don managed to "white-wash" me, that's the third time at the Phoenix and I threatened to stay away from Don's restaurant in protest but he bought me a beer so we're good. It may take a while but I'll get my mojo back, you watch!
Saturday morning after the spa bath and bottle of bubbly we headed down to Capetown, we were having a braai with Linda and some friends but we popped into the Viper lounge on the way for a beer or two as usual and there I saw this chopper in the showroom;
I am not a fan of this sort of motorcycle but you really do have to admire the workmanship, it is quite literally a rolling work of art.
According to Dieter the price may be negotiable around R350,000 so if you're into that kind of a ride go and take a look, the build quality and attention to detail is fantastic and it is quite literally a work of art, just not my cup of tea.
It has air suspension which raises the back once the engine has been running and I'm sure that exhaust is incredibly loud, very interesting and we all know that loud pipes save lives.
It's not long until the fourth annual Polar Bear run, the last weekend in July and we are going to "Louriesfontein" up in the mountains. Des has been trying to tie the run in with really crap weather so that we can live up to the name but so far every year the weather has been great! Maybe this year he'll get it right because it's generally very cold up there and the end of July is right in the middle of winter.........maybe it'll be warm, you never can tell with South African winter!
Ride safe.  


Geoff James said...

Sunup in the mussel farm.... wow!!!

Those are fantastic photos Andrew. We had a good day fishing amongst the mussel ropes last week in conditions like that.

Mind you, not at sunrise worse luck - Jennie is not a morning person normally :-).

the rider said...

Hi Geoff, quite a few people fish on the shore close to the farm and some in boats between the rafts and catch the local "white stumpnose", a very nice pan size fish.