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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fantastic sick day

I woke up just before 04h45 even though my alarm was turned off and realised that I didn't have to get up, it was a wonderful feeling to just turn over and go back to sleep and when I next looked at the clock it was 06h30, what a lovely long sleep in that was for me.
I had arranged the day off for the two of us to go to Capetown to see a skin specialist, nothing serious, Janet has a light complexion and I spend each and every day out on a boat so we do the skin check every couple of years.
We didn't have to be in town before 12h00 so there was no rush, after a relaxing bath with a bottle of JC LeRoux sparkling wine we got ready and saddled up.
The weather was fantastic, not as hot as it had been the past couple of days, it was slightly overcast and calm and as we headed out of Saldanha towards the R27 I was feeling extremely happy to be out on the bike, I consciously relaxed my shoulders, edged myself closer to the tank and opened the throttle just that little bit more - 140kmh is a good speed, it eats up the kilometres but will not get you into too much trouble.
Janet rides extremely well behind me and I know when she is enjoying herself, we sped down to Capetown at a fairly moderate 150kmh passing all of the cages, most of whom pulled over to the left as we came up behind them and after a really enjoyable ride we stopped at a "Mugg and Bean" restaurant in Durbanville for a cup of coffee.
After our examination, which was all good news, we met Rene' and Bronx for a very nice lunch at their local; the Oxford Arms. Rene' and I had a really good line fish and prawn combo, Janet had crumbed pork chops and Bronx, who was in a hurry to get back to work, had a toasted Sarmie - all really good stuff.
Before going home Janet had to visit "Storm in a G cup" a shop that caters for women with big bosoms, happily there is a pub; "Cheers" right next door so Rene' and I sat in there and had another beer while we waited for her because apparently they don't let you go and watch the women trying on the bras.
The ride home was even better, if that is possible, than the ride down. The wind had picked up but it was a southerly so it was behind us for most of the way.
My most memorable part of the trip was coming up on a queue of about a dozen cars slowly ascending a blind rise behind two eighteen wheelers, they did not have the power to overtake in that short distance but I did! We accelerated past all of them, dipping into the queue when there was an approaching vehicle and then winding it on again until we were past the trucks before the crest of the hill - FANTASTIC! I was a happy man as we flashed down the other side leaving all of them way behind.
To end off our sick day we stopped at Driftwoods Restaurant in Langebaan for a bottle of wine on the verandah before heading home, the doctor said that he needs to see me again in three months time, that's quite a long time to wait for another sick day!

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BeemerGirl said...

Willy Nilly passing a huge queue of cars and semi's... :)

Glad the check ups were good and it sounded like a great day. Love the name of the shop Janet goes to for her underthings. Made me smile.