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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Food, glorious food!

We were feeling a bit lazy on Saturday so we popped down to the Captain's Cabin, one of our favourite casual eating places in Saldanha. It is basically a pub with about ten tables inside and some outside on the front deck overlooking the bay, a very pleasant place with lots of TV screens for days when there are major sporting events, we watched the Bafana-bafana soccer games there during the World Cup and the vibe was incredible!I often have very good seafood there, such as Yellowtail and Kob but as they didn't have anything fresh that day I opted for another favourite; the Captain's Combo;
Chips, calamari strips, chicken "goujons" (chicken breast fillets in bread crumbs) and a portion of pork spare ribs all of which I thoroughly enjoy and as I say it's a favourite, I've had it often and have never been disappointed.I love this sign which is outside the door warning everyone that the "Play park are being used at own risk!"
The Captain's Cabin is in Saldanha overlooking the bay and is popular with locals and visitors alike, good value for money pub food give them a call and have a lunch 022 7141716.
After lunch Janet stayed home and I went to the Phoenix for a couple of games of pool, I have to say that I haven't been doing too well lately and Danny "white-washed" me in one of our games! (for the un-intiated that means that he cleared all seven of his balls and the black off the table before I could sink even one of mine!)
I have not had this happen to me too many times and I crapped him out, "How can you do that to a customer?!" he was unrepentant, still I enjoyed the afternoon.
Our friend Penny was with us for the rest of the weekend so I decided to do a special lunch for Sunday, something that we hadn't tried before - I'm not afraid of experimenting on my friends. I de-boned a lovely big leg of Karoo lamb, then I took a pack of Komga boerewors which Loretta and Mike brought for us from the Eastern Cape when they visited a while back, this is one of our favourite boerewors and we used to eat a lot of it when we lived there. I removed all of the meat from the skin and mixed in some onion flakes.
After that I seasoned the lamb with Aromat, garlic flakes and rosemary and then packed the boerewors meat onto the lamb.
This I then rolled up as tightly as possible without pressing the meat out and tied it firmly with string, after rubbing it with olive oil I let it stand while I got the coals going in the Weber braai. It did look rather good! Once the coals were ready it went into the Weber and sizzled for an hour.
Depending on your personal preference, lamb can be eaten medium rare so I cut into it to check it after the hour was up, if you like it a bit more well done add some more coals and leave it for a bit longer. Summon a wench to assist with removing the meat from the grid because you don't want to drop it in front of guests!
Looking and smelling damn good! By then we were ready for food, Janet had made some creamy Aromat potatoes - a particularly good accompaniment to lamb - and a nice salad.
An experiment that turned out very well and a meal that I shall definitely be doing for some other guests at some later stage.


George F said...

That looks really good, hummm, with a nice bottle of wine, perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon :-)

GYMONR said...

Food...Now your talking.Ha-ha
Big AL

Raftnn said...

ALl these food pics doesnt half make me hungry!

Geoff James said...

Yun yum yum Andrew!

We did a leg of lamb on the BBQ rotisserie last week. Garlic cloves and rosemary stalks in the centre with anchovy fillets pressed into small pockets cut into the flesh. Pretty darned good, but must try your boerewors receipe as they're available here.