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Saturday, December 11, 2010

R.I.P. Quintin Vermeulen

A lousy reason for a huge biker gathering; last weekend 21 year old Quintin Vermeulen, a prospect of the West Coast chapter of the Mac's was killed in an accident at the Poison Rally in Rustenburg. His Father Alex is the President of the local Mac's and this morning we gathered at the Phoenix Bar for the ride to the funeral service.
A huge number of bikers came together in tribute to a popular youngster and to support the parents. I have not yet heard anything official, but the Mac's came in numbers and many clubs from Capetown were represented; the Hell's Angels, Hooligans as well as the Gypsy Jokers to name a few.
The local clubs were also out in force; the Meeulanders, Kreefsmokkelaars and the CMA and it was heart-warming to see the size of the gathering at the Phoenix bar.
Of course the guys had a beer or two before the ride through to the church, that's what bikers do! We formed up outside the Phoenix bar for the ride through town to the Lighthouse Biker Church, preceeded by a couple of burnouts and it was an extremely impressive and emotional procession. I don't know if there was an official count but there must have been at least 100 bikes!
We all crowded into the little church for the very moving ceremony conducted by a member of the CMA. Afterwards we all made our way back to the Phoenix bar for a bit of a wake.
It's been a long time, if ever that the Phoenix bar has had such a large crowd and Quintin would have been pleased.
The sombre mood soon turned to one of subdued cameraderie, Alex and Mercia, Quintin's parents also came in and the bikers enveloped them in love and support.
Elise and Janet relaxing with a beer.
We stayed for a couple of beers and then made our way home. That's enough now, no more funerals for the West Coast PLEASE! There was one last weekend as well which we were unable to attend, young Tracy died on the Eland's Bay Road.
There's been too many. One is too many.

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