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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sadza balls and a trip to Capetown

Whenever I have left over sadza, and that's not often because normally my friends clean it up, I use it to make these balls for breakfast the next day, one of our favourite snacks;
The ingredients are only the sadza, cheddar cheese and streaky bacon and when I buy the bacon I always select a packet that has evenly cut strips to make things easier.
Roll portions of the sadza into hand size balls and press a block of cheddar cheese into the centre, then mold the sadza as evenly as possible around the cheese.
Then roll a strip of the bacon around the ball, it helps if you thin the bacon out a bit with the back of a knife, this "stretches" the bacon strip a little,
Then you pin the bacon in place with a toothpick, place them onto a grill pan and put them under the oven grill. This can be done on a braai, but for convenience I usually do them under the grill, it's not always so easy to light a braai just to do the sadza balls - alright if you are doing a braai breakfast, which by the way is fantastic, then you can braai them along with your other ingredients. I just grilled them this time.
Basically all you have to do is keep turning them until the bacon is cooked nice and crispy, the sadza is already cooked and the cheese melts inside!
Just look at this! Here is a photo of a sadza ball which has been recently bitten in half, the bacon is crispy and the cheese is melted and quite a lot was on my beard! Delicious!
And now for something completely different.........Today was a lovely spring day, calm and sunny so we decided to shoot down to Capetown for the day, I had something that I wanted to shop for which we couldn't get locally, what better excuse?
It was a very enjoyable ride, I took it quite easy at about 140kmh, slowing down for the places where I knew the idiot hides with the speed trap and we pulled into the parking area in front of the "Viper Lounge" at about 11h00. I take great pleasure in parking the big red machine in amongst all of the Harleys, I think it lends the place a touch of class, don't you?
This Harley is being raffled on New Year's Eve at midnight, so far we have two entries in that box and we intend to be there for the draw. That would pay for Janet's kitchen and my trip to Sturgis! (By the way that is a mannequin on the bike, looks quite realistic hey?)
We sat and chatted with the people over a couple of beers and then walked over the road to the "Ocean Basket" for lunch, definitely one of my all time favourite seafood places. My seafood platter is only R89 and a real bargain as far as I'm concerned, if I was to complain about anything it would be those bloody New Zealand mussels on the plate! I mean WTF? We must perhaps do some marketing, but it is definitely a franchise decision because any one of the restaurants you go to all have the same mussels - but I ask you with tears in my eyes, Why when we have the best mussels in the world just up the road?! But as I said, if I was to complain about anything,................I didn't, it was delicious.
The ride home was just as enjoyable as the ride down, only faster! We pulled into the Phoenix bar for a couple of cold ones and a chat with Danny and then home after a good day.
According to the weather forecast the weather is not going to be good tomorrow so we'll probably stay in, I have to wash the bike again, the only problem with riding in the spring is the mess on the windscreen and leading edges, bloody insects! It's all good though, we'll speak again soon. Stay safe everyone!


Geoff James said...

How are the arteries Andrew ;-)?

I work on the principle that it's ok to eat as much red meat, cheese and so on as you like as long as you have a bit of seafoood now and then as it makes the bad stuff magically disappear!

the rider said...

Ahh my arteries are fine Geoff, I agree with you on that but I eat a heck of a lot of seafood - the only problem is that I also eat the chips!

George F said...

I lived in SA for 10 years but I don't think I have ever heard of sadza, what are they? Looks good though, bacon and cheese makes everything better ;-)

the rider said...

Hi George, sadza actually is a Rhodesian (now Zimbabwe) African staple food made from maize meal, in South Africa you might have heard of a similar thing called "Krimmel Pap" (I think that's how it's spelt!) which is also a braai accompaniment but in my opinion nowhere near as nice.

Anonymous said...

Sadza balls will be givin a go at next home braai! They look sooooo tasty! Nicky H.

the rider said...

Hi Nicky, thanks for you comment - sadza balls are a favourite of ours but it's not often that there's any leftovers! Shall we come and make the sadza for you?