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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saturday braai, Sunday pot and wonderful bread

My sister Loretta and my brother in law Mike arrived late on Friday and what better way to welcome them than with a braai on Saturday and a pot on Sunday? For the braai I decided to have some crunchy Pork tasties as the starter and lamb ribs with venison wors (sausage) for the main course.
I had bought some nice thick cut pork rashers and after salting the rinds I placed them on the grid over good hot coals, just a minute or two on each side to brown.
Once they have a bit of colour I find a good log to balance them against so that I can get the rinds to crackle.
You must be careful not to leave them too long so as not to burn the rinds, just get them to start crisping and then lay them back on the grid to brown nicely, sprinkle with Aromat and a bit of garlic flakes and when they are nicely browned cut then into bite size pieces, sprinkle with salt to taste and place them in front of your guests. A lovely crunchy appetiser!
This has always gone down well at my braais and is a personal favourite, while my family were all crunching on the pork I got the lamb ribs onto the grid.
Just look at this lovely slab of Karoo lamb rib! You can marinate ribs in all sorts of things, and sometimes I do but it is also nice to just have the pure lamb flavour and on this occasion I just laid them bone side down and let them cook for a bit.
Once they were browning I turned them over onto the skin side and started cooking that side, left it to brown and turned them again. I did this a couple of times until the bone side and the skin side were pretty well done and then sliced them up along the bones. I then placed the individual ribs back onto the grid to finish and sprinkled them with Aromat, lemon pepper and Rosemary and in the meantime put the venison sausage, which was pretty thin, onto the grid. Janet had by this stage prepared a lovely potato dish using cheese and a brown onion soup powder which was delicious. (Let me know if you want the recipe!)
Here is our meal plated up with fresh tomatoes and avocado, actually rather good! Just look at the crunchy top on that potato!
Okay so Sunday was a lamb potjie (remember Poy-key?) As I have posted many times about this I will not go into it again save to mention that it was a very lekker pot, and as usual quite different from all of the others! Here you see all of my ingredients laid out alongside my trusty old pot, man I'm in my element here!
Here it is at the "Okay guys, food's ready!" stage where I stand back and let the mob in and it was a good pot, but what set it aside this time was the bread that my sister made, damn that was good and you have to try it;
It's called "Scone Braai Bread" and it is the sort of thing that you just want to carry on eating;
one quarter lb of butter
half tsp crushed garlic (can be a bit more if you like garlic!)
2 tsps brown onion soup powder
pinch of cayenne pepper
Melt the butter and mix all the ingredients together and pour into a bread pan or oven dish.
Next part; two and a half cups of flour
four tsps baking powder
half tsp salt
two cups milk
two cups grated cheese
mix all of those ingredients together into a sloppy paste and drop tablespoonfuls into the butter mix, (like dumplings) to fill the pan then bake at 180 degrees until it all firms up and goes a light brown colour. The idea is that it forms a scone like mass which can be broken into portions.
Let me tell you this was delicious, there was not a scrap left and if you try it I would really be interested in your comments, please tell me how it turned out.


Nancy Frye-Swope said...

I gotta make this, it sounds delicious.

the rider said...

Give it a try Nancy, it is good and I would really like to hear how you like it.