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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oysters, lunch and a day jol

I wrote a little while back on some oysters that I was experimenting with, I want to see just how big I can grow them. On Thursday I took them out of the water, cleaned them up and weighed each one, there are 72 of them, 13 of which are over 300 grams! The average weight of each oyster is 255 grams, considering that we sell a medium oyster at 75-90 grams you can see that these things are huge! I wasn't tempted to eat one, I think they are way too big but they would be excellent for soup, Janet makes an oyster soup that is to die for.
I kept them out of the water overnight because I could see that the shells were being eaten by worm, so hopefully that will kill it, I will leave them for another couple of months and weigh them again, then maybe later we will make a big pot of soup!
We went out for lunch today to one of our favourite restaurants; Beira Mar in Saint Helena Bay and what a fantastic lunch! I had two Portuguese sardines on a bed of stir fried peppers as a starter and my main course was prawns with potato wedges and a garlic butter sauce, wonderful stuff.

Janet had a shrimp cocktail and then an Espetada which she declared to be delicious and there was enough of that left over to make me a wonderful sandwich for work on Monday.
We had a lovely leisurely lunch and tomorrow we are planning a ride to Riebeek West to have lunch at The Barn, we'll let you know how that goes.
Capetown readers please take note, diarise Saturday 4th September there is going to be a Gypsy Joker's day jol at the Phoenix bar in Vredenburg, the meal will consist of fresh mussels and lamb spit braai - we are going out to the Phoenix now to get more details and I will let you know, but accommodation will also be available and there will be live bands playing, it's going to be a good jol. You don't need to be a biker to attend, non-bikers reading this should also come along and see what a great bunch of people bikers are, come and see how we party.
Back soon!


George F said...

Stop it please ;-) you making me hungry just reading your blog :-) I was Portuguese before becoming US citizen and when you talk about sardines and espetadas it brings back memories, now it's corn dogs and apple pie ;-)
Beira Mar obviously Portuguese and those Prawns look so good :-) wish I could join you guys on some rides :-)

the rider said...

Sorry George! Yeah I am a great fan of Portuguese food, especially the seafood, I was first introduced to it in Mocambique when that was still Portuguese territory way back in the day. Thanks for your comment Bro.