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Thursday, June 10, 2010

World's shortest breakfast run?

Just to show you how dedicated us South African bikers are, (or how crazy?) I will tell you the story of Dick and Janet's recent breakfast run; It was a cold and miserable weekend, the wind was blowing a gale and the dark wet clouds were hanging low over Hout Bay putting a severe dampener on Dick's plans for a breakfast run, something he had been looking forward to for a while so he decided "To hell with it, we're going on a run!"
He got his brand new BMW R1200RT out of the yard and they got ready. This was to be a 123m breakfast run and that's not 123 miles, that is 123 metres! You can see the breakfast venue at the end of the road!
That's one fine looking motorbike! It obviously didn't take them long to get to the breakfast venue;
The Cafe' Bristot in Hout Bay.

You can see that the weather is pretty miserable, full points for going all that way on the bike rather than taking the cage out and let me tell you, the "cage" is a BMW M3 so that could also have been pretty tempting.It does look like a pretty good breakfast although to keep up the image there should have been a couple of beers on the table rather than that big pink milkshake Janet!
That's a biker for you, when you get the urge to ride bad weather is not going to stop you and you ride! Just look for the closest breakfast venue! We have done some pretty short breakfast runs but I must admit that this one is the shortest run I have ever heard of, can anyone beat that? Let me know.
It was probably that same weekend that I decided to bring some of my product home for a snack, another advantage of working on a mussel farm; freshly steamed mussels and a glass of dry white wine but I can't get away with eating them on my own!
Gotta share them with FatCat.


Geoff James said...

Gorgeous fat mussels Andrew. Our cats hang out for the Snapper trimmings whilst I'm filleting. Funny how they queue up the moment I drag the filleting bench out of the shed!

the rider said...

Yes Geoff they are definitely not stupid are they? Mine comes running when he hears me taking the mussel pot out of the cupboard!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the write up Andrew - couldn't have put it better myself - by the way 123metres there and back hee hee - Jolly good fun was had by all Old Fat cat looks like he really wants that mussel - I think its time for us to mosse up to your spot for some musseling !!!!!

the rider said...

Get yourselves up here Dick, I've got a decent whisky and I'll fish out the oysters and the mussels!