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Friday, April 2, 2010

Swallows rally, day three - the ride home

I woke up early on Sunday morning, had I been asleep at all? I must have had a little bit of sleep but certainly not much, the "Tarmac Teasers" were at it almost all the time, and the music was still blaring from the main tent. As I stuck my head out of the tent flap I could see that it was going to be a nice day and a lot of people were already packing up their tents and belongings, time to get moving but first a visit to the ablution block and then the CMA tent.
Lots of people had the same idea as us and there was quite a queue but the CMA members are pretty organised and it wasn't long before we were swigging our hot coffee from a styrofoam cup, after a second cup we wandered over to Dalton's for a breakfast sandwhich and then got busy with our packing.
It was indeed a nice day as we set off, it was 09h00 when we rolled out of Worcester and the plan was to meet Janet and Linda for lunch so we had plenty of time to cover the 220 odd kilometres, no rush.
It was a leisurely cruise through the "Breeriviervallei" (Breede river valley) winding through and between mountain passes with exotic names like; "Slanghoek", "Waterval" and "Witsenberge". There was time to stop and take some photos and I thought it only right that there should be at least one of me!
We rode cautiously through the "Nuwekloof" Pass and sure enough there baboons all over the road and the verges again, after about an hour's ride we pulled into the "Farmer's Arms" once more for a bit of liquid refreshment.
The second half of the ride was just as enjoyable, all well travelled roads but still better than doing it by car and we pulled into Saldanha just around 1200 to meet the ladies for a good lunch at the Slipway restaurant.
It had been a very good weekend in spite of the lousy weather on Saturday, Frank and I always have a great time at the rallies, we know how to party - time to go home and have a shower!
The next one is not until July, right in the middle of winter it is bound to be a wet ride to the Karoo Saloon for the third annual "Polar Bear run", something to look forward to.
Stay safe and keep the rubber side down!

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