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Monday, January 11, 2010

Zip-lock bag omelettes

I want to tell you about a really clever recipe that I received via email recently, it was attributed to "Kitchen Monkey" whoever that might be, but I figured that as it is going out on email I can pass it along via this blog. It is for omelettes made in a ziplock bag! Fantastically quick and easy although I intially had trouble trying to crack the egg into the bag on my own!
After that we figured out that it is easier if someone else holds the bag and you crack two eggs into it.

After writing your inital on the bag with a felt tip marker, you then "squish" the eggs around in the bag.

Then it's just a matter of adding a few extra ingredients, small pinches of chopped tomato, ham, onions, cheese etc., you "squish" them around a bit more to mix the ingredients, seal the top of the bag after expelling as much of the air as you can and then pop the bags into a pot of boiling water, put the lid on and leave them for thirteen minutes.

Take them out of the pot, cut the bag open and a perfectly cooked omelette slips out of the bag onto the plate as a really tasty and individually prepared accompaniment to your other breakfast items. What a brilliant idea - thank you "Kitchen Monkey".
I did a lunch - not on the same day - of braaied leg of lamb and as I have already posted that twice, I will not go into the details but I thought that the photos are worth showing even if only to get your taste buds going;
The side dishes that you see here are sweetcorn soufle', creamy Aromat potatoes and a green salad.
Isn't food great? We love it! Janet and I were involved in the Open air Seafood restaurant business for ten years, I used to do all of the cooking for sometimes up to 200 people but that's a story for later.

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