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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday and the FA Cup

Friday afternoon started the weekend off with our (fairly) regular FA Cup pool competition and Frank met me at the pub saying that he was hung over from the previous night. This is bad news for me because he is a hell of a lot better at pool when he's hung over, sure enough he played some great shots and got himself a win in the first game, I managed to win the second and then he won the next two in a row! There I was 3-1 down, not good.
I bought him another beer and waited while he drank it then I managed to win the next two games but they were both very close, Frank played some poor shots and I even conceded out loud that he should have won - but he didn't heh heh!
We played our decider under great pressure and I managed to pull it off, but anyone watching from the sidelines would not believe that we are buds from the language that gets tossed around! We have a great time though and I look forward to our Friday afternoon FA Cup games.
We have decided to go for a ride to the Viper lounge tomorrow morning, there is a Harley auction and fun day on so we'll have a look. With appologies to my American friends I am not in the market for a Harley so I won't be bidding but it should be good for a look.

And now for all of you people who will be coming to our beautiful country next year for the soccer world cup, and let me just say here and now that I will not be going anywhere near Capetown or any of the other venues for that matter, during that period - here is a photo of what you can expect to see;

But that is not because I am afraid of the crime, Oh no, it is because I hate football with a passion. So don't be afraid to come to South Africa in spite of what you have heard, the majority of South Africans of all colours are friendly and easy going people and you will have a ball. Of course there are criminals waiting to take advantage of tourists who are unwary, but that happens in all countries. I assure you that you will have a great time and you will be well looked after, but on the other hand soccer hooligans will not be tolerated and there are many really big Afrikaaners here who support rugby and who will not tolerate soccer thugs. Interesting times, I look forward to reading all about it.

Also looking forward to the ride tomorrow, Dick and Janet are going to join us at the Viper lounge and we will visit Dave on the way home to see how he is doing after his knee operation, he is still battling 15 months after his bike accident.

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