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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To go or not to go, that is the question

I am watching the weather with a certain amount of trepidation and disappointment, according to the forecast it is going to crap up from tomorrow right through to next Tuesday! This is particularly bad news for those of us looking forward to the Cobra Rally this weekend! Those of us who are bikers all know that if we are on a long ride far from home and we get caught in a bit of rain we will just grit our teeth and go for it, we have all ridden in the rain - it is inevitable but will we choose to go away for the weekend if it is pouring down before the bike is even out of the garage?
Another problem I have is that Janet has invited Linda to come and stay with her for the weekend, Janet does not like the rallies and lets me go off on my own every now and then, but now if I cancel and stay at home I will have to put up with the two of them for the whole weekend! There's incentive to just pull the rain suit on and hit the road. Frank's coming over for dinner tonight and we will discuss our options; go for it like real bikers or stay at home like a couple of moffies!

It's at times like these that I find myself reminiscing about favourite roads and favourite rides, I posted this photo a while ago but I decided to use it again because it is definitely one of my best roads, this was taken in the "Rooihoogte Pass" overlooking the Koo Valley on the fabulous R318 which runs from Montagu to the N1. We have done this one many times and have always enjoyed it immensely. Doesn't that winding road just look so inviting?

Here's something else we Cape bikers see plenty of! It's not uncommon to be diving into a lovely sweeper in a mountain pass and suddenly you find yourself in amongst a troop of baboons all over the road and the verges, they are incredibly quick and agile though and I have never seen or experienced any bikers hitting them - thank goodness because there are some big ones! There are a lot of other animals that we have to be careful of though, some that are not as quick or agile; from tortoises and snakes to small buck and in some other parts of the country, large game. Particularly in the evenings one has to be very aware of wild animals, I came very close to hitting a very large and very angry porcupine one night, can you imagine what that would have done to my tires?!

Anyway we did manage to get out and go for a bit of a local cruise, here you see my two babes outside the Paternoster Hotel which is only about 20kms from home but still a very pleasant cruise. Watch this space, we are going to the Cobra Rally this weekend - I can't imagine why I would cancel and stay at home!


Anonymous said...

Best you go Andries, otherwise I will make sure I make your weekend absolute hell. Jan and I are going to party BIG time!

Christie said...

You better go Dad - coz you know Linda means business!