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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Capetown weekend

Not a lot has gone on this week, it has been a difficult time at work because of serious gale force southerly winds blowing through the western cape, a precursor of summer and something that we have to deal with on the mussel farm. It makes things difficult and dangerous and even when we can work, if I have planned my seeding well and I have a place to go and harvest mussels, I have to spend six hours balancing and staggering on a heaving deck with the wind constantly blowing in my face. It can seriously piss me off!
We had a relatively quiet weekend, I attended a day long Masonic conference in Capetown on Saturday with Joe and after the conference Janet and Annie joined us, along with all of the other wives, at the Masonic Centre for a braai. It turned into a very pleasant evening attended by well over 250 people.
That evening back at Joe and Annie's house we played a couple of games of Cribbage, which Joe managed to win, and sat together and chatted over a glass or two of good whisky with chocolate and snacks which all went down very well.
This was the view from the restaurant where we had breakfast this morning; "Ciao Baby Cucino", an amazing buffet breakfast for R60 per person - you do the math! I was so stuffed I couldn't eat another thing until later in the evening.
Anyway it's going to be a long week at work until Frank and I go to the Cobra rally in Worcester next weekend, we are leaving on Friday afternoon and I am really looking forward to that one. I have a new sleeping bag to try out so I will let you know about it.

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Anonymous said...

Gd day Andrew and Janet ,

We (Trevor , Vic and I ) are sitting here at the Tulbagh Tavern just reading your blog . Well done old chap .Keep it coming and will keep reading . Does Harry ever go onto the blog ?

Good day for a ride , but beer may get between me and my bike today !!!

Let me know when you are next in Cape Town and if you need a place to stay you are welcome .

Cheers from all of us .


P.S. You need a picture of a REAL bike on your blog !!!