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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spring is sprung

Today was a beautiful day so we decided to stay in and do a quiet braai just for the two of us, this is quite unusual for me because I prefer cooking or braaiing for a mob, it turned out to be a very nice and relaxed morning which started with the bottle of sparkling wine in the spa bath. What a great way to start the day!
My first course was lamb ribs, one of my favourite starters; I first seal the meat over hot coals and then sprinkle them with Aromat, garlic flakes and ground black pepper, then carry on braaiing until the are nicely browned for a delicious almost crunchy starter.Next we had chicken (which is considered the vegetable in most South African braais!) and the ubiquitous boerewors, without which no braai is complete. For my foreign readers boerewors is literally "Farmer's sausage" in Afrikaans and is made in different styles and variations in different parts of the country, but all with common ingredients and is a truly delicious part of any braai.
I did the chicken "spatchcock" style and marinated it in olive oil, liberally sprinkled with cayenne pepper, garlic and mixed herbs and placed it on the grid over good hot coals.Braaiing chicken like this takes quite a while, you have to ensure that the chicken is well cooked without burning the skin so it takes quite a lot of turning and juggling and balancing, but the result is well worth the effort.
Janet made some nice creamy potatoes and a green bean and feta cheese salad and we enjoyed a lovely meal, there was enough left to make some of my work meals very interesting for a couple of days too.

I think that looks pretty damn good, and it went down very well. Janet decided that she was going to have a bit of a kip after that so I got the big red machine out and went for a cruise around to get some photos of the flowers, which are really starting to show now.

Ain't she beautiful? Ok the flowers are pretty good too if you like that kind of thing! Cheers for now, back again soon and keep the rubber side down.

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