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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Local breakfast run

Well we managed to get out for a bit of a ride yesterday, I finished work early and Janet managed to get the afternoon off. Frank wasn't available for the usual FA cup pool games as he had to go to Capetown for the weekend.
It wasn't the best afternoon for a ride as the wind was still blowing quite strong northerly but we did a local cruise so that Janet could have a look at the Spring flowers which are now showing brilliantly. We ended up at the Buffalo bar for a beer - go figure! We sat chatting to Duncan, the owner for a while and then headed for home.
I bought a pair of "Armourgear" biking trousers and had to have them lengthened, they have Kevlar inserts in the knees and butt and I'm thinking; "Kevlar is bullet-proof so how the hell can you sew it?" But then I was also pleased about the Kevlar because any kind of bullet-proof clothing is a good thing in South Africa these days, at least the bad guys won't be able to shoot me in the butt or in the knees!
This morning the weather was a heck of a lot better so we decided to have a short breakfast run, we couldn't go far because I have a lodge meeting this afternoon so we headed for the Farm stall on the R27 just about twenty k's away from home. The weather is still quite fresh but there was no wind and it was great being out on the road.
It's quite a picturesque spot on a farm right next to the national road, well known for their farm fresh bread and a huge variety of home made jams. They also make their own boerewors (Farmer's sausage) which is really good, I bought a kilo to take home. I am not sure what the significance of the boat wheelhouse is but I suppose it is eyecatching.
It is quaint and colourful inside, crammed with odds and sods for sale from enamel kitchen ware to a huge array of fresh farm bread, biscuits and jams. The breakfast was good, for only R29.50 we got two eggs, two rashers of really tasty bacon, a peice of their delicious boerewors and some fresh farm bread.
Why oh why do people serve frozen butter?!! I hate it when you are trying to spread butter and all it does is pull the bread apart! The coffee was not very good either, just coffee bags in hot water, apart from that though it was good value.
We carried on riding for a bit but now my winscreen is plastered with insects, the rest of the bike is still clean so I'll just have to wash the front.
We're off to Capetown tomorrow for a braai with Joe for his birthday, unfortunately we have to go in the bakkie again as I have stuff to take down but we are getting closer to the Polar bear run to Sutherland which takes place on the 5th September, really looking forward to that, I just hope the weather is kind to us.
Cheers for now, we'll talk again soon - ride safe.

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