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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wet weekend

We have had a pretty quiet weekend, the weather has been bloody miserable and as I sit typing this it is raining and cold outside, definitely not conducive to riding so the big red machine has stayed warm and snug in her garage. We are coming up to the worst part of winter from now on so for the next two months or so there is going to be very little riding time.
Frank and I played another round in the FA cup on Friday afternoon and I managed a 6 - 1 win, he took the first game but couldn't come right after that. We had Joe and Annie here for the weekend and he and I went to play a couple of games yesterday and I beat him 4 - 3 in some very tight and enjoyable games, then to further demoralise him I beat him two games straight in cribbage, something he normally has no problem winning. My weekend has been good so far!I made this board some 25 years ago, my Father taught me to play the game which I think originated in England. We don't find many people around here who know how to play it but it is a very interesting game and Joe and I have been playing for many years, usually he beats me so it is all the more enjoyable when I manage to beat him.

On a completely different note Janet decided that she needed a new mixer/mincer/shredder liquidiser because of all the catering we do so we went out and bought her a fancy new Kenwood machine which cost us just over R1,000. Not to be outdone I decided that I should buy myself something useful as well;
Check out my appliance! This is a very cool remote controlled Jeep and it cost pretty much the same as Janet's toy, I have wanted one of these ever since I was a kid so I was pretty excited to get it home, man this thing goes pretty much anywhere and is a whole lotta fun, fat cat is scared of it and I have to resist the temptation to chase him with it! Who says you have to act your age?
Anyway now a whole new week starts, we'll see if there is going to be any saddle time.
Warning; the consumption of alcohol is a major factor in dancing like a retard.

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G Spot and Lady Heather said...

Looks like it's wet up north, wet down south. It HAS to stop sometime, right? Thanks for the kind words on the blog. Great to meet fellow RT lovers. Only had ours a year but it's by far my favorite bike. Stay dry, and enjoy the fresh yellowtail. Yum!