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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wooden Harley

It's Tuesday afternoon and I'm feeling very laid back, Kris Kristofferson is singing about the beer he had for breakfast and then the one he had for desert and I'm drinking a really good cup of coffee with a sizable dop of Bell's Special Reserve whisky in it, it is so good that I am probably going to have another one real soon.
I received this photo, amongst others, via email the other day and it's absolutely incredible! Maybe I would ride it right now but under normal circumstances, definitely not! It is quite ingenious though, check out the front suspension and the car tyre on the rear, that is probably only a lawnmower motor but it would still be quite hairy! I would love to pitch up for a breakfast run with the guys on something like that, that would be a good laugh.
The weather last night and this morning was absolutely horrendous, definitely not conducive to a motorbike ride, it poured with rain so we decided to leave the big red machine safely tucked away in the garage and headed out in the bakkie for lunch, it wasn't too bad and we had some shopping to do anyway.
This was early yesterday morning and no sign of the rain that was to ruin my motorcycling plans but that always seems to be the case lately, excellent weather for work and then it rains! Here you can see the mussel ropes have been collected in the basket and are being swung onto the deck of the barge to be run through the cleaning and sorting machines.
Some of the crew working on the barge preparing the mussels for the day's fresh orders, on this occasion we packed 270 5kg bags for the fresh market and 1,3tons in crates for the factory to process into frozen half shell. This was not a particularly busy day.It certainly is great working out there when the weather is like this but it is going to change soon so I will just make the most of it.
So even though we didn't ride today I don't feel like I have wasted my day off, we had a very good lunch out at a nice little restaurant in Saint Helena Bay called "The Sunfish", I had a really good Yellow tail fillet and now I'm chilling out. South Africa is through to the semi finals and we will be playing the West Indies after they beat England last night, good stuff watch this space!


Christie said...

Hey Dad
I am sorry I had to a bit of a catch up but the blogs are great! You and mum have a lot of fun. I cannot wait to see you in December and we can go to all these places that you talk about.
Love you loads!
The blog is looking good!!

Willy D said...

Sure like to see more pictures of that “Wooden Harley”. That thing is ingenious!

the rider said...

Yeah I'll see what I can dig up, it's typically in Africa where you get things like that!