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Thursday, June 18, 2009

SA cricket disappointment

Ok we have got a huge problem! Remember I said that South Africa were going to win the T20 world cup? Well if any of you were watching you will have seen that we were knocked out tonight by Pakistan! Did you see fucking Shahid Afridi posing whenever he took a wicket, he knew exactly where the camera was going to be focusing, all that was needed was a "ting" on his bloody teeth!
I'm sorry but I am very pissed off right now, I was convinced that we were going right through and I can't help asking questions like; shouldn't Alby Morkel have been brought in earlier? Isn't Jacques Kallis more of a five day test player? We needed players who get runs early, there are only 20 overs, you can't just pat the ball and take ones for f***'s sake. And what happened to my hero A.B. DeVilliers? He got caught out. I am not a happy camper folks, I could go on............so I will, after all this is my blog!
What is the story with J.P.Duminy? He hasn't done anything for ages, and Graham Smith? Herschelle Gibbs? The final is on Sunday and I had been planning my day around that, now I couldn't give a damn, I will go out for a ride.
On a lighter note, Janet and I are working most of the day tomorrow and Saturday catering for a Lodge meeting on Saturday afternoon, Janet is stressing because there will be about 55 people for whom we are doing her famous, and I mean this quite sincerely; oyster soup. I will give the recipe for this but it is quite meaningless unless you can access oysters cheap or collect them yourselves, this is because the oysters are the main ingredient and you need more than one oyster per person and they are very expensive. It is a delicious soup and I will let you know how it goes.
The second course will be the Italian influenced "chicken cacciatori" served with chips (French fries) and a brinjal and butterbean salad, which is absolutely delicious. The dessert is being made by someone else so we don't have to worry about that.
Janet has been catering Lodge dinners for many years and has acquired well deserved fame in Masonic circles in the Western Cape, but she still gets nervous before a main event. It will go down well but she will only be happy on Sunday morning when it is all over, I think I will take her for a nice motorbike ride to help me celebrate Father's day.
Which reminds me! I have convinced Janet that I really need a remote controlled 4 by 4 truck for Father's day and she has relented, so I will post photos of that, I'm going to look for one that goes well over grass and can chase the cat as well as drive through the house - how cool is that? I have never had one before so now's the time.
Cheers for now.

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Christie said...

I didn't watch the game - glad I didn't now. Wow dad - you really were a bit pissed off but as you say it is your blog so you can go on ... and on .... and on!
Love you loads - speak to you on Daddy's Day.