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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cricket and chicken

Well it looks like we have some serious winter weather coming this weekend, the prediction for Saturday and Sunday is particularly bad; strong winds, big swells and lots of rain and we are going to Capetown on Saturday because I have to attend two Masonic meetings, District Grand Lodge meetings for the Royal Arch and the Craft. If you are involved in Freemasonry you will know what this all means, if not - you bloody well should be because if every man in the world was a freemason the world would be a better place.
I had hoped to go down just for the day on the bike, but even I am not that desperate so now we are going to spend the evening with Linda, she and Janet will go out for lunch while I am at the meetings and then we will spend the evening together.
Today when Janet came home I surprised her with a roaring fire, this was a big surprise for her because she knows full well that I don't enjoy fires in the house.
This is because I don't feel the cold like mere mortals do but I was being considerate and it went down very well, when my babe arrived home she went straight to the fire and warmed her bum whilst I notched up the points that I had scored.
After we had had our first glass of wine we moved into the kitchen for a team effort dinner, we are particularly good at this and Janet says that we do better meals than any restaurants that we go to, I tend to be a bit more circumspect because I enjoy restaurant meals but I must admit we are bloody good!
Let me show you one of my most recent purchases, something that I have been putting to very good use; a marinating machine;In this instance I poured a cup full of white wine and a good splash of olive oil into the container, then I added a good squeeze of tomato sauce and about three tablespoons of tabasco sauce, a full teaspoon of crushed garlic, a shake of dried thyme and finally some grated pepper corns and then of course the chicken portions.
Now what happens with this lovely machine is that you place the lid on the container and then you use a small pump to create a vacuum inside it, you place the container on the base and switch it on and it slowly rotates for nine minutes. Apparently the vacuum expands the fibres of the meat and as it rotates it absorbs the marinade. This all happens in nine minutes instead of overnight in the fridge! It works and I bought this machine for R200, what a bargain.Here's Janet and Fattie enjoying the fire and the fantastic game between the Rajasthan Royals and the Mumbai Indians in Durban, what a nail-biter! We have really had some fantastic cricket just because there was a major election in India, WTF we had a major election here and we were still able to host this fantastic cricket spectacle. Anyway I was in the kitchen working so I missed some of the game but Janet kept me informed.Here it is plated up; the marinated chicken on a bed of garlic pasta with grated cheese, very lekker and if you come and visit us we will prepare it for you with pleasure.
I realise that there is nothing at all here related to braais, beers or bikes but I think that during the winter it might go like this...........deal with it!

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