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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Braai, beers but no bikes

Well the weather on Sunday was great, we had a bunch of good friends around and the beers were cold, what more could one want? Ok a ride would have been good but you can't have everything! I started off with a lovely well aged piece of rump steak which I marinated for a while in a dash of olive oil, a generous sprinkle (on both sides) of ground black pepper and aromat, and then I spread a good layer of hot English mustard onto it. This I left in the fridge for about an hour, turning it over about every fifteen minutes.
When our guests were settled and had had their first drink or two I braaiied the steak over flame until it was medium rare and then sliced it into small chunks and lightly salted them, that went down extremely well as a starter while I got on with the main course.

I'm not going to go into too much detail here because you have seen it all before, however it is one of my favourite braais and my guests have always thoroughly enjoyed my braaiied leg of lamb.

Doesn't that look fantastic? Janet did some wonderful side dishes; creamy aromat potatoes, which always goes particularly well with lamb, aubergine and butter bean salad and an egg and tomato salad, all with fresh ciabatta bread.

We ended off with a lovely lemon/pineapple pudding made by our friend Lizzie - what a fabulous lunch!

This week the weather has been pretty good and we have managed to get quite a lot of harvesting done but it is changing, the predictions are for bad weather and we may not be able to work on Friday, this afternoon the wind started up from the north west and the pale blue winter sky is full of small cotton wool puffs of cloud all moving slowly south. This does not bode well for us at work but it will be good for the FA cup which has had to take a back seat for a couple of weeks.

Every morning this week I have had the "Mussel Cat" harvesting separately from the barge to build up stock for the factory and it has been working very well, sometimes it is a struggle to meet the demand and in the winter time when the fresh orders are down we push like mad to supply the factory while the mussel meat condition is at its best. This they turn into frozen half shell and try to build up a big stock for the end of the year when the demand is enormous, we try our best and sometimes we are successful.

We have a free weekend coming up so here's hoping there's some riding weather, enjoy yours!

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