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Monday, April 6, 2009

Slangkop Rally, Kommetjie - April

Friday 3rd April was national cleavage day! What an auspicious day to start off on a motorcycle rally and let me tell you it was a jol! (For foreign readers a "jol" is a bloody good time.)
Frank and I eventually got away from the Engen One stop at 14h00 and the weather was good with a bit of a northerly wind pushing from behind us, we were soon up to speed heading down the R27 towards Capetown. This was to be a bit of a different ride because it would only take us about two hours and half of the trip would be through City traffic.
I soon settled into my ride and was enjoying being back out on the road, it's hard to describe how I was feeling but I was grinning and singing out loud inside my helmet, as much as I could remember of "Born to be wild." We were off on another rally adventure and I was really looking forward to it, Frank and I know how to enjoy ourselves at rallies and we can often show the younger guys how to party.
After a good hours ride I led the way into the dirt parking area of the Bush Pub outside Melkbos, I knew that Frank would be needing a smoke and I would be needing a beer, sure enough both beers went down very well!
As we walked out two young ladies arrived in a land cruiser and you're not going to believe this but they were dressed in bikinis covered by those wrap around "sarong" filmy things, they got out of the car and were dancing to the music from their radio. I sort of stood mesmerised, I didn't take any photos! Frank reminded them that it was cleavage day and thanked them for upholding their part (or parts!) They smiled at us and walked into the bar, I wiped the dribble from my chin and put my helmet on and we moved out - what a start to our rally weekend!
I enjoyed the ride through the City traffic, I have no problem with lane splitting and it wasn't too long before we were winding our way over "Ou Kaapse Weg", the fantastic winding road over the mountain which is unfortunately way too full of vehicular traffic at that time of the day.
The Slangkop lighthouse and rally site has got to be one of the most picturesque rally sites in the country and we soon found ourselves a good spot and set up our camp. Once the tents were set up, the mattress inflated (and I don't keep fainting anymore because now I have a pump!) and the baby covered for the night it was time to get into the rally, to see how cold the beers were and who was there. It didn't take too long before we met up with old rally buddies and the music in the main tent was fantastic rock and roll.
There were many old freinds and we spent a great evening talking and drinking with them, we moved out into rally street for something to eat and one of the stalls had a wonderful curry and rice which went down very well.

The facilities may not be five star and unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, you have to stand around and eat but that was a bloody good curry and rice and I had it a couple of times. As it happened we stayed at this tent and just chatted with all and sundry, my whisky flask which is actually a pesticide dispenser but which dispenses an accurate measure on demand ran out in the late morning;

I didn't think that was supposed to happen but day one on the rally had been an exceptionally good one and it was 08h00 Saturday morning when I crawled wearily but happily into my tent, already the other rally goers were starting to make a noise and I doubted that I would sleep long. Let's see what day two brings!

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