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Friday, March 13, 2009

New Computer but I've lost my memory

It's been a tough time folks, ok it doesn't seem so bad right now as I sit here with my brand new laptop computer which I am trying to learn how to use and "Avalon" by Roxy Music is playing on my new Marantz HiFi. (Serious inhale of breath here) but really it is difficult to use the whatchacallit pad instead of a mouse, (gotta get myself one) but I am learning and I will get better and let it be known that this is the first post done on my laptop. Exciting times!Fatcat decided to get involved and climbed onto the arm of my chair.
Ok so let me tell you about my week after coming back from the rally; I have had some serious shit with mechanical breakdowns and hydraulic problems, the former I can, to a certain extent deal with, but when it comes to hydraulics I am totally lost.
As you are well aware we started off with the "red tide" as well so I have been taking strain for more than a month now but there are lighter sides and better sides to my job in spite of the crap;
Do you remember that I said that I should get some lemon juice and tabasco sauce to have with the oysters that I enjoy almost every day? Well I did that;Now this is a really terrible job, but somebody's got to do it! I discovered that another thing that I need is a black pepper grinder so I am going to get one of those but I'm afraid I will have to forgo the white wine which really makes for an enjoyable starter but taking a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to work would be tearing the ring out of it.
This was my snack at about 1030 this morning and I can do this every day if I want to, now really, I ask you with tears in my eyes - what the hell is wrong with this job?
This is supposed to be about braais, beers and biking but I thought I would tell you about the Black Oyster Catchers that roost on our rafts, whenever we come across a pair with a nest we try to work on another raft until the chick is grown because they are endangered but often that is not possible because of the poor condition of our ropes.
That is what is happening at the moment, the raft on which we are working is home to a pair of Oyster Catchers, (who by the way mate for life!) and they have a chick lying very exposed on one of the pipes; I warned my workers to stay clear of the nest, I tried to explain that these are endangered and we should not harm them but I think this is a concept that means absolutely nothing to them, I have seen them throw mussels at basking seals just to disturb them and whenever we pass close to a raft that is full of birds they throw whatever is at hand at them.
This chick's only defence is to lie absolutely still while it's parents are away, notice how they do not make a nest for their young, only scraping a hollow in the mussel shells that are scattered on the raft.
This is the adult female who was extremely agitated for the whole time that we were working on the raft, but as we left I saw her move over to the chick which moved in a wobbly fashion for the first time since we had been alongside.
I will have to go back to the raft but I will try to keep the chick safe. I will post some more photos.
I bought myself one of those memory sticks to download all of my files from my old computer to this laptop, which I have almost completed, I showed it to Janet and she said you must be careful not to lose that.
I don't know where it is at the moment.

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