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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fresh Seafood lunch

This was the view from my office yesterday morning as it cruised out to the mussel farm, I have enough time to read a bit of the morning paper and drink a cup of coffee before getting down to the serious business of harvesting mussels. Man was it hot! We have been experiencing quite a heat wave and on Friday the temperature was in the high 30s/low 40s, a breeze started up just around 0930 which helped a bit.
We decided to have a slow day today and hopefully go for a ride tomorrow. I was given two medium size fresh Elf, (Pomatomus saltatrix) known as Shad on the East coast, by a friend and I decided to braai them for lunch. Janet was absolutely underwhelmed but I persisted, I have to talk her into eating fish, extol the health benefits beforte she reluctantly agrees.
She had no problem when I insisted that the bigger one was mine! I marinated them for an hour in olive oil and white wine with garlic flakes and mixed herbs and I must confess to being very excited about the prospect of a seafood lunch. I got fully into it and wore my "Marine Braaiologist" cap which was given to me by my friend Kevin, an ex Rhodie Elephant slayer and now Kiwi marine research something or other. In obvious appreciation of my prowess. (Note to self; next time put the hosepipe away.) Clever self portrait!
It wasn't long before the fish were ready and obviously they were braaiied to succulent perfection. To me there's not a lot that can beat a fresh seafood meal and living here on the Cape West coast we are in the enviable position of being able to get fresh fish, and often I score it for free!
Here's the final result "plated up. Janet made us a nice garlic butter sauce and we had our lunch with fresh brown bread, olives and sliced tomato. The whole experience was enhanced with a glass (or several) of chilled Robertsom Sauvignon Blanc, now that to me is a wonderful lunch and when we were finished Janet actually acknowledged that she enjoyed it as well!
We will be riding tomorrow, even if it is a short local cruise. The big red machine is now clean and ready. I went into the garage this afternoon and just gave her a polish to get rid of all of the water marks from yesterday evening. I thought of taking another photograph just to show you what she looks like when she is spotlessly clean but you all know already.
Cheers for now, we'll talk again soon.

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