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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Casual Sunday Ride and great lunch

I told you we might go for a ride today - well we did! Actually it wasn't such a nice day, the wind was blowing quite strong out of the south so I suggested to Janet that we just do a local cruise and end up in Langebaan at either the Oyster Catcher or Driftwoods for lunch. She agreed even though the two restaurants limit her choices because they are both seafood specialists, she is able to have a good chicken schnitzle (is that the right spelling?) which also makes me a good sandwich for Monday, so it all works out for the best!
We set out at about ten on a wonderfully clean motorbike and headed for Paternoster, not a long ride but a nice road down to the coast and although the bike was pushed sideways much of the way it wasn't too bad. At the (world) famous Paternoster Hotel there were several of our local biker friends enjoying a bit of liquid refreshment but we went in anyway and sat with them for a while.
We learnt that the Capetown H.O.G (Harley Owners Group) guys had just left having been up to organize their next rally which is to take place in September, I commented that I didn't see them on the road on the way down but was told that they had all come up in a bus because probably it was too windy for them to ride their motorbikes and anyway it was quite far, about 150kms from Capetown.
I expressed the opinion that I doubted that there was enough parking space for all of the trailers that would be coming up behind all of the fancy SUVs, but anyway we will see what happens, we will come down for the day and check out the fancy bikes. (Sorry Harry!)
After a beer we mounted up and rode back through Vredenburg and had another cold one at "Juffroeshoogte", we were the only ones there but it was nice to sit quietly and watch a bit of the cricket.Here's my buddy in the bar at "Jeffro's".
After a pleasant half hour or so we mounted up and rode the short distance to Langebaan for lunch and what a wonderful lunch I had! Second only to the food I get at Beira Mar, I had a fantastic Calamari Head and Tentacle (I have to be careful not to say "Testicle" to the waitress!) starter;
Janet had what she described as a delicious crayfish cocktail and then we had our mains, accompanied by a very reasonably priced bottle of Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc; I had a fresh Kob (Cob) fillet (Argyrosomus hololepidotus) with rice, vegetables and my usual garlic butter sauce which was absolutely delicious.Janet enjoyed her chicken but I didn't bother to photograph it, I can if you like take a photo of my sandwich tomorrow because it will be made up of a nice big piece of leftover chicken schnitzle.

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