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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wine and Oysters

Let me explain what happened here, we had some friends around for a braai and what a good braai it was; I did rump steak which I marinated in some red wine and garlic as tasties, followed by pork rashers and then after that we had chicken and boerewors with vegetables. So far so good, but the problem was that it developed into quite a late evening and sometime during the day I decided that I had had enough beer and changed over to wine.
Guess which wine glass is mine! It had a fault in it, this was evident by the way the base broke off on the one occasion that I sort of slammed it down too hard. This is not a major problem as long as you have a handy hole in one of your pieces of furniture, if not you can always drill a hole, this same thing happened with a bar counter that my brother in law Mike is still using. I went and fetched my drill and made a place for my wine glass to stand. This is also quite a clever option and it's really quite amazing how clever I get late at night under trying circumstances. Enough of this, it was a very good evening though - ask Linda.
It has been a busy week on the mussel farm and quite stressful, I don't often have stress in my work but the ropes are covered with "seed", small newly settled mussels that clog up the machinery and slow the process down so that it becomes very difficult to produce enough to meet the daily orders.
Today I bought a small bottle of tabasco sauce and a small bottle of lemon juice, I eat fresh oysters almost every single day out on the farm, at least three a day and I thought why not have the condiments to really enjoy them? So I will carry my sauces with me and really enjoy my oysters. Hey it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it! I am not going to be able to take the wine to work with me, I think that would be pushing things a little bit too far!
Talking about wine, our bath this morning actually went by without any arguments over the level of bubbly in the glasses! Janet was talking about something and I took the opportunity to fill the glasses and then picked mine up, "Cheers!" I almost shouted, trying to distract her, she clinked her glass against mine and then frowned as she looked at them but by then it was too late. She did watch the next one though.
We went for a short ride this morning, our intention was to go to lunch on the bike but the wind came up quite strong and made it rather unpleasant so we did a local ride about and then went back for the bakkie.
We had lunch at "Beira Mar" again, I had the calamari tentacles and a lovely piece of "Cape Salmon" which is actually quite a common fish called "Geelbek" - Yellow Mouth, but really delicious and both my starter and main course were drenched in fresh garlic butter! The people who have to talk to me tomorrow are going to suffer, but I see that as their problem, not mine.
Janet passed up on the starter and had a lovely big "Eisbein" which is also going to make sandwiches for me for the next two days. It was a very relaxed lunch over three hours and two bottles of wine at a lovely venue.
It's hell in Africa Man!

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