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Friday, January 2, 2009


Well here it is - 2009! Didn't 2008 just flash past?
A new year for biking, for getting out and exploring new roads, new destinations and new experiences - I can't wait!
We are so lucky to be bikers, those who don't fall into that category are missing out on the pure pleasure of powering a big machine through open country; we experience far more than those in steel cages where the sights, sounds and smells are around us and not viewed through a glass screen from an armchair.
Have you ridden through fruit country where you can smell the orchards, how about the smell of wet tar after a downpour or the wonderfully evocative aroma of the bush in the rain?
How good is it to ride along a coastal road with the fresh iodine-laced breeze coming in over foaming breakers?
I'm looking forward to some more adventures this year - may it be a fantastic biking year for you too, stay safe!


Dan said...

Hi, People in convertable sports cars experience the same sensations but without the helmet. Cheers boet all the best for the new year.

the rider said...

Ah yes you have a point my boet, however cars lean the wrong way in corners! Happy new year, I'll speak to you soon.

Christie said...

Can't wait to be on the back of your bike again Dad.

2009 is going to be a great one!

andrew said...

That's going to be quite a while my presh - maybe we can hire something in Portugal in August, hell I'll even ride a scooter as long as there are no photographs!

The Hales' said...

what, you don't miss clearing the mist off the inside of a Sierra window on a wet day, in Tulbagh, with special demister items? Happy new year to you all in darkest sunny Africa. We are enjoying the lovely weather here too, crisp mornings and nights.

Dan said...

If Christie were to get a pic of Dad on a Scooter I'd bet it could fetch a good price. Not that I'm encouraging any photographic misadventure.

Christie said...

Dan - please do not worry, if Dad even goes near a scooter I will take a picture. Unfortunately, he knows I can't be trusted!!

I will keep you posted though.

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