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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Stormy weather continues

You wont believe the terrible weather we have had lately! That photograph was taken after that cloud had dumped what felt like tons of water on us, plus recently we had the worst swells coming through the bay in many years. They caused a lot of damage, not only to the mussel rafts, but also to places like Club Mykonos just outside Langebaan. As you can see it's little wonder that I haven't managed to do much riding!

Here you can see the waves breaking right over the jetty and the wall next to the road, this was at Pepper Bay outside Pedro's restaurant. We are still busy on the farm trying to repair the damage and it will take us another couple of weeks to get finished.
I was able to get the big red machine out of the garage and blow the cobwebs out of the exhaust pipe last Saturday, there was a very cold wind blowing out of the south west but it was a sunny day so I took a ride around to Langebaan to buy some fish for lunch. I was very pleased when the bike started with the first touch of the starter button, I shouldn't have worried because I have never had a problem but you can't help worrying. It was a short ride but very enjoyable and I bought a lovely big fillet of Cape Salmon (geelbek) which went down very well.
We also managed a braai on Monday evening, Mike and Loretta bought some "skilpaatjies" which is little balls of minced lamb's liver wrapped in the spleen (caul) fat and pegged with tooth picks. I also make my own occasionally but I cut the liver into strips to wrap in the fat rather than mincing it. These I braai over hot coals until the fat crisps up and soaks into the liver, delicious but probably not very healthy but who cares!
For our main course we had sirloin steak and boerewors, and do you know how good it was to have a braai again? We try to take advantage of every nice day that crops up during winter, hopefully summer is not too far away?
Today is a public holiday and we are taking Mike and Loretta to my new favourite place; Don's "Beira Mar" restaurant in Saint Helena Bay for lunch, last time I had the most amazing whole baby yellowtail. The restaurant has a Portuguese flavour and they also do wonderful starters like deep fried squid tentacles - looking forward to my lunch!

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