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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pool and Cribbage

I'm sitting here in front of my computer and thinking; "Shit man, since I started this blog I have hardly ridden my bike because the weather's been so bad" - ok we managed to ride to the pub the other day, but that's about 18kms. I haven't done a single braai, but tomorrow is a public holiday and we are going to a braai at Joe's place, but that doesn't count because I won't be doing the braai (for a change!) Joe lights the fire and gets someone else to do the braaiing, this used to be me but now he's got Leon in charge.
But then I thought "Hokay Stopie Lorrie! It's cool because I have drunk lots of beers since then." So all is not lost and if the weather's nice tomorrow we will go down on the bike even though Janet has a problem with flat hair. Someone should invent a big bulbous crash helmet that doesn't flatten Janet's hair, every time before we set off on a ride she says to me "OK how do I look? Remember this because it's not going to be the same when we get there."
I have several times pointed out to her that she looks really nice except for her flat hair, but you have to know when you can get away with that sort of thing, you have to be able to accurately judge the mood. Janet uses words that Joy would never use!
We did pull into the Blue Diamond today for an ABF (Absolute Bloody Final) that changed into three ABF's because they had some really loud, cool music going. They have a good disco setup there and Janet and I danced a bit, unfortunately because of the weather, there were only three other people there.
I had a great day yesterday though because Joe and I went to play some pool and I won the first six games straight, this put Joe under extreme pressure and he also started using those bad words! The afternoon ended with me being 8 games to 4 up when we decided that it was time to pack it in, joe suggested that we should have a game of cribbage later thinking that he would be able to pull something back, I readily agreed because I was hot, should have bought a lotto ticket right then!
We got back home at about 2230 and Joe said "Come on let's have a game." Well to cut a long story short - I beat him with quite a big margin, put the cards in front of him and said "Mugs away." to which he replied "No, I'm not playing anymore." Man did I have a great day!
I'll let you know how tomorrow goes, if you see us on road on the big red machine - wave, I'll wave back even if you are on a Harley.

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